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Stonehenge - HISTORY.
During the third phase of construction, which took place around 2000 B.C, sarsen sandstone slabs were arranged into an outer crescent or ring; some were assembled into the iconic three-pieced structures called trilithons that stand tall in the center of Stonehenge. Your guide to Stonehenge, the World's' Favourite Megalithic Stone Circle.
Solstice 2005.This is the year when the Sun shone! Express your feelings, email photos on this or any other matter you wish to share with the World. Write to us at: Visitors Comments. Home About Stonehenge Visitor information for Stonehenge.
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24 The University of Buckingham 's' Humanities Research Institute believes that the community who built Stonehenge lived here over a period of several millennia, making it potentially one" of the pivotal places in the history of the Stonehenge landscape" 25.

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